At Ready Set Connect, we are driven to encourage growth and independence in children with autism, so they are provided the best opportunity to succeed in their homes, schools, and community.

What We Do
Since 2011, Ready Set Connect Autism Centers have provided a warm, friendly, and fun learning environment for children with autism and other related disorders.

We work individually with each child using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to create a personalized behavior plan designed to help improve fundamental and communication skills. Each child's treatment is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Additionally, Ready Set Connect offers services, programs and support for the entire family – because we know that when the family thrives, the child does too.

How We Do It
We take a specialized approach for each child that blends ABA therapy with a caring, supportive and engaging environment to foster strong outcomes in daily life –as well as prepare the child for the future.

Each center is designed to support the whole family with extended office hours and community and social supports such as parent trainings and play clinics.

At Ready Set Connect, we are your advocates, we are your resource and we are here to provide support, information, education and advice beyond your child’s treatment.

Why We Are Experts
A program of Gersh Autism, Ready Set Connect provides the expertise, support and education in service of the entire family.

Ready Set Connect echoes the innovative, life-changing work of Gersh Autism, as our staff work every day to help children with autism shine the very brightest.