Once a child receives an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), their doctor will recommend supports through a variety of therapy options including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and most commonly they’ll recommend Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).  At Ready Set Connect we are prepared to help get you and your child the ABA services you need, but first there are some important steps that have to be taken before therapy can begin.

Your doctor will recommend some different facilities based on the strengths and needs of your child.  It is then the responsibility of the families to reach out to those facilities and inquire about services.  At Ready Set Connect, we are primarily funded through insurance.  What that means is that once you contact us, we’ll ask for your insurance information, and conduct a benefit check.  We take the following insurance companies: Anthem, Evernorth, Optum, Wellsense, New Hampshire Health Families, Amerihealth, Aetna, and MultiPlan.  When it comes to ABA, the insurance company often requests some supporting documentation, and we are happy to gather all of the information for you.  Typically they require a diagnostic evaluation report from the diagnosis practitioner, a letter of medical necessity written by your child’s primary care physician, a copy of your insurance card, and a completed intake packet (a blank file of which can be found here).

Once we have gathered all of the necessary information, we’ll submit an authorization for an initial assessment to your insurance company.  This can take up to two weeks to receive approval.  But as soon as we hear that it has been approved, we can proceed forward and schedule an assessment.  We will plan for two individual one hour assessments to test various skills and for you to meet your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  The BCBA will then write up a treatment plan based on your child’s strengths and needs.

The treatment plan then needs to be submitted to insurance for approval. Information from the assessment we send to your insurance company for first approval includes medical necessity of ABA treatment and number of hours that could occur each week. Once again this can take up to two week to be approved, but as soon as we get the okay, services can officially get scheduled.  From the time you first call us to your child’s first official ABA session, typically there is about a six to 12 week start time depending on the insurance company and our staff availability. To learn more, contact us here.